Georg Kaiser and the Critics: A Profile of Expressionism's Leading Playwright

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September 1995



Georg Kaiser (1878-1945) is considered one of the most enigmatic figures in modern German literature; while agreeing on his importance in the development of German drama, critics have always been puzzled by the diversity of and contradictions in his works. This book traces the evolution of Kaiser's literary reputation over more than eighty years of scholarship. It shows how the initial critical approaches (formalistic, socio-ethical, psychological) were developed by later scholars; reviews Kaiser's place in Expressionism and the impact of his aesthetic theories on the development of epic theatre; and offers a performance history of Kaiser's dramas on stage from 1945 to 1990.


"A concise, informative, and excitingly critical introduction to Kaiser and his oeuvre. All in all, this book should remain an indispensable source and excellent tool for any scholarship on Georg Kaiser for a long time." SEMINAR"Willeke providesa new access to this work as she separates stereotype and legend from innovative approaches." GERMANISTIK
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