Successful Supervision in Health Care Practice: Promoting Professional Development

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Februar 2000



This text considers how clinical supervision works in practice and aims to resolve practical problems that may arise in this area of teaching. It concentrates primarily on up-to-date models that are currently used and will help qualified nurses communicate the craft knowledged of nursing.


Supervision as professional development in clincal practice; Supervision in clinical practice: the nature of professional development; Professional development or management control; Case studies of supervision in professional practice and introduction to the research approach; Case studies of supervising student professional development; Case studies of supervising colleagues in practice setting; Studies of students' experiences of supervision; A survey of attitudes to clinical supervision in one hospital trust; Supervision in professional practice: implications for educationalists and practitioners; Professional work and the politics of supervision.


."..the text is a rich and mature resource into what contributes to supervision in health care...this book should enable health professionals to revisit their own superivision agendas, and prepare to become more accountable in line with the philosophy enshrined in clinical governance."
Journal of Advanced Nursing
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