Unwrapping Goethe's Weimar: Essays in Cultural Studies and Local Knowledge

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Dezember 1999



A comprehensive reconsideration of the myth of Goethe's Weimar, occasioned by the 1999 celebrations of Goethe's 250th birthday.


Introduction: like a box of chocolates..., Simon Richter. Part 1 Selling Weimar by the kilo: Goethe, advertising, marketing, and merchandising the classical, Burkhard Henke; Weimar classicism and the origins of consumer culture, Daniel Purdy. Part 2 Weimar and the senses: floating heads - Weimar portrait busts, Catriona MacLeod; music in Weimar circa 1780 - decentering text, decentering Goethe, annie Janeiro Randall. Part 3 Performativity and transgression in Weimar: war and dramaturgy - Goethe's command of the Weimar theatre, Karin Schutjer; from Werther to Amazons - cross-dressing and male-male desire, Susan E. Gustafson. Part 4 Women in Weimar: sartorial transgressions - re-dressing class and gender hierarchies in masquerades and travesties, Elisabeth Krimmer; women writers and the authorization of literary practice, Linda Dietrick; the hunchback of Weimar - Louise von Gochhausen and the weimar grotesque, Susanne Kord. Part 5 Wrapping up the Weimar myth: creation and constipation - Don Carlos and Schiller's blocked passage to Weimar, Stephanie B. Hammer; skeletons in Goethe's closet - human rights, protest, and the myth of political liberality, W. Daniel Wilson; the Weimar myth - from city of the arts to global village, Gert Theile.


The volume abounds in new insights and discoveries about the culture and activities of Weimar courtly and bourgeois high-society (for example music practices, the Weimar theater, masked balls, the commercial production of plaster busts with which to adorn the home, the very influential local fashion magazine, etc.) and illuminates the participation of numerous lesser-known figures in the creation of what came to be known as Classical Weimar.--Thomas P. Saine, editor, GOETHE YEARBOOK'The book offers an interesting and extensive amount of material which will stimulate considerable further research.' MONATSHEFTE '(A) lively and entertaining collection of essays.' GERMANIC NOTES AND REVIEWS 'The collection offers a myriad of Cultural Studies approaches and demonstrates their importance for the re-examination of historical periods. ... A central contribution to German eighteenth-century studies.' GERMAN STUDIES REVIEW'Unpacks the dense signifying network of a familiar cultural constellation to reval a plethora of exciting insights...' GOETHE
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