The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Arts, Identity

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This volume examines Hong Kong cinema in transnational, historical, and artistic contexts.


List of contributors; Acknowledgements Poshek Fu and David Desser; Introduction Poshek Fu and David Desser; Chronology of Hong Kong cinema David Desser and Poshek Fu; Part I. History: 1. The Kung Fu craze: Hong Kong cinema's first American reception David Desser; 2. The American connection in early Hong Kong cinema Law Kar; 3. The 1960s: modernity, youth culture, and Hong Kong Cantonese cinema Poshek Fu; 4. The 1970s: movement and transition Stephen Teo; Part II. Arts: 5. Richness through imperfection: King Hu and the glimpse David Bordwell; 6. Space, place, and spectacle: the crisis cinema of John Woo Tony Williams; 7. Besides fists and blood: Michael Hui and Cantonese comedy Jenny Lau; 8. The film work of Ann Hui Patricia Erens; Part III. Identity: 9. Between Nationalism and Colonialism: mainland emigres, marginal culture, Hong Kong cinema 1937-1941 Poshek Fu; 10. Urban cinema and cultural identity of Hong Kong Leung Ping-Kwan; 11. Rewriting history: Hong Kong nostalgia cinema and its social practice Natalia Chan Sui Hung; 12. Filming diaspora and identity: Hong Kong and 1997 Sheldon Lu; 13. Buying American, consuming Hong Kong: cultural commerce, fantasies of identity, and the cinema Gina Marchetti; 14. Hong Kong electric shadows: a selected bibliography of studies in English H. C. Li; Index.


"With such range and overall high quality, this collection is required reading for any serious student of Chinese popular cultures..." Journal of Asian History "More than half of the contributors are Asian - most of them ethnic Chinese; all experts on Hong Kong cinema - so English speakers will find historical, social, and economic data that is new to them. This book displays a variety, range and depth matching the values of its subject matter. Recommended for collections supporting film studies at all levels." Choice
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