From the Ashes of Experience: Reflections of Madness, Survival and Growth

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Juli 1999



It could be argued that a more sensitive appreciation of the total reality of the ?madness experience?, of the interior perceptions, feelings and thoughts, and the exterior reactions based on them, is the single most important development that could improve the quality of life of those diagnosed mentally ill. This book aims to offer just that, presenting a number of personal experiences and providing an alternative to the received wisdom that mental illness is an affliction, an inevitably demoralising experience, which all patients would avoid if they could.


Part 1 Narratives on the experience of "madness" and the receipt of psychiatric services: madness and reality, Sally Clay; the other world, Jan Holloway; fire and ice, Cathy Conroy; the flight of the phoenix, Ed Manos; Avalon, Liz Davies; a most precious thread, Simon Champ; hope, humanity and voice in recovery from psychiatric disability, Dan Fisher; my three psychiatric careers, Rachel Perkin; que sera sera, Rose Snow; the medical model and harm, Judi Chamberlain. Part 2 Conclusion: editors review of the narratives and a summary of their implications for psychiatric and psychological theory-building and the education of the major professional disciplines in mental health.
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