Taxing America

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September 2014



Examines Wilbur D. Mills' role in shaping the national tax agenda 1958 74.


Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; Part I. Learning the Ways and Means: 2. An Arkansas traveler comes to Washington; 3. 'Where is the money coming from?'; 4. 'Taxation of whom and for what?'; 5. The legislative mills, 1958-61; 6. The postwar fiscal discourse; Part II. The Politics of Policy: 7. The road to tax reduction; 8. Bringing Medicare into the State; 9. The war on inflation; 10. Spending through taxes; 11. Expanding social security: inflation and social insurance, 1969-1970; Part III. Conclusion: 12. Looking backward and forward.


'... a provocative study of congressional politics from the end of World War II to the early 1970s ... an essential read for anyone interested [in] the development of the post-war American state ... this volume is a valuable tool in understanding the rapid growth of the United States in the nineteenth century ... will be unavoidable for any serious scholar of the period.' Business History
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