Ict and Literacy: Information and Communications Technology, Media, Reading, and Writing

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Mai 2001



What does literacy mean in the 21st century? How can information and communications technology (ICT) contribute to the development of traditional literacy? And how do our traditional views of literacy need to change in response to ICT? ICT and literacy are two of the most urgent concerns for any modern educator, and in order to understand either of these phenomena adequately, one must understand them in relation to each other.ICT and Literacy provides the answers. The authors examine literacy in relation to a wide range of technology and media, especially books, video editing, interactive multimedia, and on-line materials. With a focus on library provision as well as teaching, the authors emphasize the importance of "joined-up thinking" on the part of educators.


New literacies in context; the role of libraries; literacy strategy; backtracks (software); video editing; reading academy (software); on-line literacy; talking books; interactive multimedia; implications for library provision; training and development.


Nikki Gamble is lecturer, writer and literary consultant specialising in children s literature, drama and arts education. She is currently course tutor for the Advance Diploma in Language, Literature and Literacy at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK, and is Associate Consultant at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. Nick Easingwood is responsible for leading primary and secondary PGCE initial teacher training at Anglia Ruskin University. An established primary ICT author and former primary school teacher, he has worked at the university for over ten years, specialising in educational ICT.
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