The Poor Are Not Us: Poverty & Pastoralism in Eastern Africa

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März 2000



Eastern African pastoralists often present themselves as being egalitarian, equating cattle ownership with wealth. By this definition "the poor are not us": poverty is confined to non-pastoralist, socially excluded persons and groups.Exploring this notion means discovering something about self-perceptions and community consciousness, how pastoralist identity has been made in opposition to other modes of production, how pastoralists want others to see them and how they see themselves.This collection rejects the premise of pastoral egalitarianism and poses questions about the gradual creep of poverty, changing patterns of wealth and accumulation, the impact of diminishing resources on pastoral communities and the impact of external values of land, labor, and livestock.


David M. Anderson is a historian at St. Anthony's College, University of Oxford. He is the author of "Eroding the Commons," co-editor of "Revealing Prophets," and "The Poor Are Not Us." Vigdis Broch-Due is research fellow at the Nordic Afrika Institute, Uppsala.


"This book's great merit is to have managed to make the study of what are minority communities in eastern Africa interesting and relevant to those who are concerned with the ways in which the continent has tackled the thorny question of 'development'"-- Patrick Chabal, King's College, London, in "International Affairs"
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