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Home to three major religions, Jerusalem has long been an intensely contested city. As the leaders of the Middle East attempt to forge a lasting peace in the region, this holy place is likely to emerge as the focus of negotiations and bone of contention of the peace process. Cattan argues that Israeli intransigence on the issue of Jerusalem is likely to prove perilous to peace and stability in the Middle East.


Henry Cattan was born in Jerusalem in 1906. A renowned international jurist, he was in legal practice in Palestine, and lectured at the Jerusalem Law School.He represented the Palestinians at the United Nations in 1947-48, and the League of Arab States during talks of Count Bernadotte, the UN mediator on Palestine. The Israeli occupation of West Jerusalem forced him into exile first into Damascus, later to beirut and finally to Paris. While in exile, he authored several books, including The Palestine Question and The Garden of Joys, both published by Saqi Books. He died in Paris in 1992.
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