Ethical Dilemmas: A Values Guide for Medical Students

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Mai 2000



During every medical student's years of clinical training, he or she will experience ethical dilemmas that require making difficult choices. This book provides the physician-in-training with guidelines and insights into the methods of resolving medical and ethical questions. The author, one of America's leading medical ethicists, provides the reader several practical examples of situations that present an ethical dilemma, questions to address and assess uncertainties and moral conflicts, and an ethical decision-making model that he developed over 20 years as a student, professor of medical ethics, and a consulting clinical ethicist.


My Name Is...
To Be or Not to Be a Health Care Professional
Diagnose Yourself! Test Your Ethics Decision-Making Skills
How to Resolve Clinical Dilemmas
How do I do it? Taking the Role of Decision Maker
Any Port in a Storm? How and Where to Find Help

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