The African Diaspora: A Musical Perspective

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November 2000



The African Diaspora presents musical case studies from various regions of the African diaspora, including Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, North America, and Europe, that engage with broader interdisciplinary discussions about race, gender, politics, nationalism, and music. Featured here are jazz, wassoulou music, and popular and traditional musics of the Caribbean and Africa, framed with attention to the reciprocal relationships of the local and the global.


Jazz on the Global Stage Militarism in Haitian Music Musical Revivals and Social Movements in Contemporary Martinique: Ideology, Identity, Ambivalence Women, Music, and the 'Mystique' of Hunters in Mali Mamaya: Renewal and Tradition in the Maninnka Music of Kankan, Guinea Concepts of Neo-African Music as Manifested in the Yoruba Folk Opera Jazz Performance as Ritual: The Blues Aesthetic and the African Diaspora


Ingrid Monson is Associate Professor of Music at Washington University in St. Louis. She is the author of Saying Something: Jazz Improvisation and Interaction and numerous articles that have appeared in scholarly journals. She lives in St. Louis, MO.


""The African Diaspora: A musical Perspective explores the relationship of music to the emergence of African Diaspora sensibilities in the late twentieth century in a nuanced and refreshing way, and will reward repeated readings. The volume will provide valuable insights to scholars who teach or conduct research in African/African Diaspora studies, anthropology, cultural criticism, or musicology."
-Frank Gunderson, Florida State University, "Notes, September 2004
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