The Politics of the Possible: The Brazilian Rural Workers' Trade Union Movement, 1964-1985

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Oktober 1994



Despite the repressive military dictatorship in Brazil from 1964 to 1985, rural workers' trade unions flourished. This work examines how union leaders carved out a place for themselves in the political order of the country, and how other progressive movements can succeed in comparable situation.


Tables and Figures Preface Introduction Part I: Historical and Theoretical Framework 1. Posing the Problem: Rural Union Development under Dictatorship, 1964-1985 2. Solving the Problem: Explaining Progressive Rural Unionization in the 1964-1985 Period Part II: Six Case Studies 3. Nazare da Mata, Pernambuco: Birthplace of the CONTAG Line 4. Capivari, Sao Paulo: Conservative Unionism of the Juoe Rotta Line 5. Porto Nacional, Goias: Frontier Development, Posseiros and Grileiros 6. Cangucu, Rio Grande do Sul: Assistencialismo in Theory and Practice 7. Mage, Rio de Janeiro: Posseiros of the Urban Periphery 8. Santa Cruz Cabralia, Bahia: Union Radicalism on Brazil's First and Last Frontier 9. Conclusion: Grassroots Movements Confronting State Apparatuses: Possibilities and Constraints in Comparative Perspective Appendix A: Statistical Summary of the Development of the Rural Trade Union Movement in Brazil, 1960-1986 Appendix B: Interview with Francisco "Chico" Mendes, Xapuri, Acre, Brazil, November 1988 Glossary Notes Bibliography Index


"This study of the emergence of the Brazilian rural trade union movement is unique in its almost tactile appreciation of its topic. In addition, many such case studies focus on a single geographic area or community and do not provide a view of broader movements or regional variations. This book is remarkable for its appreciation of the degree of autonomous agenda formulation and mobilization that exists among peasants. Maybury-Lewis has broken away from old stereotypes and written a path-breaking study." --Margaret E. Crahan, University of Pittsburgh
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