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April 2001



Simon Winlow is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at theUniversity of Teesside.


'Simon Winlow has taken the study of contemporary urban violence to a new level of sophistication. His subtle examination of the emergence of violence as a marketable asset represents cultural criminology at its best.'Richard Wright, University of Missouri-St. Louis and U.S. National Consortium on Violence Research'I can't think of any other sociologist in this country who has ever travelled quite so dangerous a road in search of a viable thesis as Simon Winlow ... This is qualitative sociology at its best: revealing, disturbing, counter-intuitive, and compelling.'Laurie Taylor, The Independent'Simon Winlow, in his pioneering ethnography of contemporary masculinities [does] what few qualitative researchers are willing or able to do ... This ethnography at the edge takes an unprecedented step in the right direction.'Qualitative Research 'Badfellas offers a fresh approach to the study of masculinities and crime. Simon Winlow succeeds in drawing attention to ho
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