Redirecting Science: Niels Bohr, Philanthropy, and the Rise of Nuclear Physics

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April 2015



A study for understanding the complex interconnections between basic science and its sources of economic support in the period between the two world wars.


Introduction; Prologue: the Copenhagen spirit; 1. Science policy and fund raising until 1934; 2. The Copenhagen spirit at work, late 1920s to mid 1930s; 3. The refugee problem, 1933 to 1935; 4. Experimental biology, late 1920s to 1935; 5. Consolidation of the transition, 1935 to 1940; Conclusion; Notes; Index.


"...an invaluable source of information and of documents that prove that Bohr was not only an inspiring physicist and philosopher but also a cunning negotiator who knew how to make use of his reputation for the benefits of science." Science "Aaserud is therefore to be congratulated for his original, clear--indeed, didactic--work of scholarship and enlightenment, vivified by some 40 photographs, of which the great majority are refreshingly new to the history of physics literature." Paul Forman, Physics Today "Although Redirecting Science may be of more direct interest to scholars of contemporary physics history, it is so agreeably written that it may find a wider audience." Jeremy Bernstein, Nature
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