Thomas Wright's Political Songs of England

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A collection of political verses, venality satires and songs of social protest from medieval England, with an up-to-date and wide-ranging introduction.


Introduction to the 1996 edition; Thomas Wright's preface to the 1839 edition; Reign of King John: Song of the Siege of Thouars (French); Sirvente on King John (Provencal); Song on the Bishops (Latin); Song on the Times (Latin); Reign of Henry III: The Taking of Lincoln (Latin); Song on the Corruptions of the Time (Latin); Sirvente against King Henry (Provencal); Another Sirvente (Provencal); The Song of the Church (Anglo-Norman); Song against the Bishops (Latin); Song on the Times (Latin); Song upon the Tailors (Latin and Anglo-Norman); Song of the Welsh (Latin); Song of the Barons (Anglo-Norman); Song of the Peace with England (French); Song against the King of Almaigne (English); The Battle of Lewes (Latin); Song upon the Divisions among the Barons (Latin); Lament of Simon de Montfort (Anglo-Norman); Reign of Edward I: Praise of Young Edward (Latin); Song on the Times (Latin, with an Anglo-Norman version); The Order of Fair-Ease (Anglo-Norman); Song of the Husbandman (English); Against the Pride of the Ladies (English); Satire on the Consistory Courts (English); Song on the Scottish Wars (Latin); On the Deposition of Baliol (Latin); Song against the King's Taxes (Anglo-Norman and Latin); Song on the Flemish Insurrection (English); Song on the Times (English); Song against the Scholastic Studies (Latin); Song of 'Nego' (English); Song on the Execution of Sir Simon Fraser (English); Song on the Venality of the Judges (Latin); The Outlaw's Song of Trailebaston (Anglo-Norman); Song against the Retinues of the Great People (English); Reign of Edward II; Lament on the Death of Edward I (Anglo-Norman); Elegy on the Death of Edward I (English); Song on the Times (Anglo-Norman, Latin and English); On the King's Breaking his Confirmation of Magna Carta (Anglo-Norman and English); Two Songs on the Death of Peter de Gaveston (Latin); The Battle of Bannockburn (Latin); Office of St Thomas of Lancaster (Latin); Appendix: Extracts from Peter Langtoft's Chronicle (Anglo-Norman and English) i. Edward I's War with Scotland ii. The Trailebastons, and the Execution of Wallace; Poem on the Evil Time of Edward II (English); Notes; Index.


"...the reissuance of Wright's Political Songs should cause medievalists to look again at their categories of analysis-an always useful outcome." Albion
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