The Place Royale and Urban Design in the Ancien Regime

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November 1998



This book is the first study to examine a unique urban phenomenon that is closely associated with French monarchy in the age of absolutism. Featuring a free-standing statue of the monarch at its center, the place royale was framed by buildings of uniform, monumental design such as found in the Place Vendô me. In this study, Richard Cleary examines the places royales in terms of the political mechanisms and design processes through which they were conceived, their intended meanings for contemporaries, and their relationship to the urban fabrics of which they are a part.


Introduction; 1. Patrons and politics; 2. Design management and funding; 3. The sculpture; 4. The architectural setting; 5. The Place Royale and the city; 6. Visions of the new Rome.


Review of the hardback: 'This could act as an unusual guide to twenty-three French cities (several have more than one place) - a bonus above the book's value as architectural history.' Times Literary Supplement
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