The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas 2 Part Hardback Set

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The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Volume II: Mesoamerica, gives a comprehensive and authoritative overview of all the important native civilizations of the Mesoamerican area, beginning with archaeological discussions of paleoindian, archaic and preclassic societies and continuing to the present. Fully illustrated and engagingly written, the book is divided into sections that discuss the native cultures of Mesoamerica before and after their first contact with the Europeans. The various chapters balance theoretical points of view as they trace the cultural history and evolutionary development of such groups as the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztec, the Zapotec, and the Tarascan.


1. Introduction to a survey of the native prehistoric cultures of Mesoamerica Richard E. W. Adams; 2. The Paleoindian and Archaic cultures of Mesoamerica Robert N. Zeitlin and Judith Francis Zeitlin; 3. The preclassic societies of the central highlands of Mesoamerica David C. Grove; 4. The precolumbian cultures of the Gulf Coast Richard A. Diehl; 5. The Maya lowlands: pioneer farmers to merchant princes Norman Hammond; 6. The central American highlands from the rise of Teotihuacan to the decline of Tula George L. Cowgill; 7. Western and Northwestern Mexico Shirley S. Gorenstein; 8. Cultural evolution in Oaxaca: the origins of the Zapotec and Mixtec civilizations Joyce Marcus and Kent V. Flannery; 9. The southeast frontiers of Mesoamerica Payson D. Sheets; 10. The Maya highlands and the adjacent Pacific coast Robert J. Sharer; 11. The Aztecs and their contemporaries: the Central and Eastern Mexican highlands Thomas H. Charlton; 12. Mesoamerica since the Spanish invasion: an overview Murdo J. MacLeod; 13. Legacies of resistance, adaptation, and tenacity: history of the native peoples of Northwest Mexico Susan M. Deeds; 14. The native peoples of Northeastern Mexico David Frye; 15. The indigenous peoples of Western Mexico from the Spanish invasion to the present Eric Van Young; 16. Native peoples of colonial Central Mexico Sarah L. Cline; 17. Native peoples of Central Mexico since independence Frans J. Schryer; 18. Native peoples of the Gulf Coast from the colonial period to the present Susan Deans-Smith; 19. The indigenous population of Oaxaca from the sixteenth century to the present Maria de los Angeles Romero Frizzi; 20. The Lowland Maya, from the conquest to the present Grant D. Jones; 21. The Highland Maya W. George Lovell.


'It is profoundly reassuring that this kind of scholarly publishing continues to flourish at the start of a new millennium, and it is even more profoundly to be hoped that these books acquire the wide readership that they deserve.' The Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute 'It is a valuable addition to our knowledge about what has happened in the Americas for the past five hundred years.' The Historical Journal
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