Term Rewriting Systems

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August 2011



Comprehensive introduction to term rewriting for researchers. Features exercises, solutions and applications.


1. Abstract reduction systems; 2. First-order term rewriting systems; 3. Examples of TRSs and special rewriting formats; 4. Orthogonality; 5. Properties of rewriting: decidability and modularity; 6. Termination; 7. Completion of equational specifications; 8. Equivalence of reductions; 9. Strategies; 10. Lambda calculus; 11. Higher order rewriting; 12. Infinitary rewriting; 13. Term graph rewriting; 14. Advanced ARS theory; 15. Rewriting based languages and systems; 16. Mathematical background.


'The book presents the state of the art of rewriting techniques, it gives (or scratches) proofs on a very precise level and gives hints to historical sources of the results and to further readings, so it is highly recommended to researchers working in this area.' Zentralblatt fur Mathematik '... has extensive material ... suffice it to say that this book is indispensable for a any serious student of rewriting.' Journal of TLP '... it will soon be a compulsory reference for anyone working in the area.' Journal of Functional Programming
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