Natural Law and Modern Moral Philosophy: Volume 18, Social Philosophy and Policy, Part 1

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August 2014



The essays in this volume--written by academic lawyers as well as legal and moral philosophers--address some of the most intriguing questions raised by natural law theory and its implications for law, morality, and public policy.


1. Thomistic natural law as Darwinian natural right Larry Arnhart;
2. Ethical individualism, natural law, and the primacy of natural rights Douglas J. Den Uyl and Douglas B. Rasmussen;
3. Natural law, consent, and political obligation Mark C. Murphy;
4. The natural basis of political obligation George Klosko;
5. Law as justice Michael S. Moore;
6. The 'laws of reason' and the surprise of the natural law Hadley Arkes;
7. Natural law as professional ethics: a reading of Fuller David Luban;
8. Fairness in Holdings: a natural law account of property and welfare rights Joseph Boyle;
9. Natural law, natural rights, and classical liberalism: on Montesquieu's critique of Hobbes Michael Zuckert.
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