A Critique of Moral Knowledge

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Mai 2003



This long-awaited book is the first English-language edition of.Simon's first book, Critique de la connaissance morale (1934). Not only does this work clarify the first stages of Simon's intellectual career, it is also a major contribution to moral philosophy. A Critique of Moral Knowledge addresses fundamental issues. How does moral knowledge differ from other practical knowledge? What is the relationship between the moral sense, moral philosophy, and cognition in action? Is politics moral philosophy or simply a neutral technique? This elegant translation will be an important contribution to the conversation on philosophy, politics, religion, and ethics.


YVES R. SIMON is a world-renowned philosopher, and author of several books, including The Definition of Moral Virtue, Foresight and Knowledge, Freedom of Choice, An Introduction to Metaphysics of Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, The Tradition of Natural Law, and Work, Society, and Culture, all availiable from Fordham University Press. RALPH MCINERNY is Grace Professor of Medieval Studies and Director of the Jacques Maritain Center of the University of Notre Dame.
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