Expectations of the Law in the Middle Ages

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Dezember 2001



Represents the systematic examination of the expectations people had of the law in the middle ages. Contextualising some of the developments in medieval law, this work enables generalisations to be made about expectations of the law. It highlights the existence of national and supra-national similarities as well as differences arising in Europe.


The king and the fox - reactions to the role of kingship in tales of "Reynard and the Fox", Richard W. Kaeuper; Flanders - a pioneer of state-orientate feudalism? feudalism as an instrument of comital power in Flanders during the high Middle Ages (1000-1300), D. Heribaut; "the people of Sweden shall have peace" -peace legislation and royal power in later mediaeval Sweden, M. Korpiola; the "assize of Count Geoffrey" (1185) - law and politics in Angevin Brittany, J. Everard; charter writing and the exercise of lordship in 13th-century Celtic Scotland, Cynthia J. Neville; liberty and fraternity - creating and defending the liberty of St. Albans, Julia C. Crick; counterfeiters, forgers and felons in English courts, 1200-1400, H. Summerson; law morals and money -royal regulation of the substance of subjects' sales and loans in England, 1272-1399, G. Seabourne; the hidden presence - Parliament and the private petition in the 14th century, G. Dodd; conscience, justice and authority in the late-mediaeval English court of chancery, T. Haskett; appealing to the past - perceptions of law in late mediaeval England, Anthony Musson; Victorian perceptions of mediaeval jurisprudence, C. Stebbings; historians' expectations of the mediaeval legal records, R. Tucker.


An important theme..., namely the role of law in the development of the medieval state... Enjoyable and enlightening. HISTORY This volume can definitely be singled-out as likely to be of genuine interest to any medievalist, as well as deserving of attention from legal historians in particular. Moreover, it is extremely readable, giving an account of a diverse range of topics and debates. JOURNAL OF LEGAL HISTORY
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