Training with the Midas Touch

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* Lively and provocative approach * Shows how developing people to their full potential is the route to organizational success * Includes case studies * Includes many low cost alternatives to expensive training. The idea of turning staff, the most vital element with any organization, into gold lies at the heart of all training and development programs. This thought provoking yet practical book provides a structured route to making the most of the 'human capital' in an organization by taking an holistic approach to both staff development and organizational success. With case studies, a tool kit of techniques for assessing and developing the skill base of staff and advice on developing staff at low cost the book is ideal for the cost-conscious times we live in. While highly practical in tone and approach the book also provides a sound theoretical framework for staff development and includes a detailed academic reading list.


Chapter 1 Human capital - your accumulating asset: Attracting and retaining talent; The knowledge-based economy; The greying workforce; Becoming an employer of choice; Profit. Chapter 2 Alchemy - base metals into gold: Why we don't do it..; And why we should do it -managing expectations; Homogeneity; Midas Miracle Pharmaceuticals. Chapter 3 Finding the nuggets: Becoming a gold prospector; Honing your skills as a gold prospector; Becoming a great manager to work for; Spreading gold fever; Build on strengths. Chapter 4 Building your gold reserves - the internal talent pool: The internal recruitment market; Spread the jam; Build in some slack; What talents to put in the pool? Chapter 5 A map for the treasure hunt - pacing out the talent pool: Learning stairways; Learning avenues; Development and retention; Will you do it? Chapter 6 Refining the nuggets: Defining terms of engagement; Discretion assured. Chapter 7 The alchemist's laboratory: Competencies - elements in the mix; Before you start. Chapter 8 Ideas for cutting and polishing the stones: Corporate universities; Personal partners; People still read; Saying "I do"; The computer bank; Personal development programmes; Learning scholarships; A place to learn; The playroom; Skills circles; The working person's club; Out-of-body experiences; Aunts and uncles; Reverse mentoring; Doorman for the day; Can I help you, sir?; Walking down the avenue; A day out. Chapter 9 Putting it all together: The big mistake; The personal development portfolio; The skills matrix; A performance management model; The training and development plan; Setting priorities. Chapter 10 Implementing the Midas touch: Why are we making the journey?; How are we going to get there?; What will help us on the way?


Richard Palmer
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