Flying Fish: Poems

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April 2002



Employing a variety of landscapes and characters, Antony Dunn's second collection of poetry describes the identity of things caught out of their own element. From flying fish and a prehistoric monster discovered on a market stall to a budgerigar-fancier mysteriously falling off a ladder and an obsessive goldfish collector, these poems are filled with characters and creatures who actually discover more about their existence outside of their familiar realms. This work addresses the eternal themes of love, loss, the fear of aging, and afterlife by questioning the legitimacy of boundaries.


Antony Dunn was born in 1973. His first collection of poems, Pilots and Navigators, was published by Oxford in 1998, making him the youngest poet on the Oxford Poets list. His second book Flying Fish was published by Carcanet in 2002. He won a Newdigate Prize in 1995, and an Eric Gregory Award in 2000. Antony Dunn lives in York where he works for the Riding Lights Theatre Company.

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