The Journal of Medieval Military History

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Dezember 2002



A new annual volume of original articles on all aspects of warfare in the middle ages.


The Vegetian science of warfare in the Middle Ages, Rogers; battle seeking - the contexts and limits of Vegetian strategy, Morillo; Italia-Bavaria-Avaria - the grand strategy behind Charlemagne's "Renovation Imperii" in the West, Bowlus; the composition and raising of the armies of Charlemagne, France; some observations on the role of the Byzantine Navy in the success of the First Crusade, Bachrach; beseiging Bedford - military logistics in 1224, Amt; "To aid the Custodian and Council" - Edmund of Langley and the Defense of the Realm, June-July 1399, Biggs; Flemish urban militias against the French cavalry armies in the 14th and 15th centuries, Verbruggen.
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