European Integration in the Twenty-First Century: Unity in Diversity?

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März 2002



This accessible and innovative book recognizes that the European Union is now of crucial importance to the whole continent, and analyses the situation in both the East and the West. It offers a thorough discussion of issues such as the euro, social policy, democracy and security, and includes areas that are often overlooked: cultural policy; language; policing; and the specific experience of small states. By analyzing past trends in European unity and disunity European Integration in the Twenty-first Century also offers stimulating insights into possible developments in the future. Finally, the book moves beyond a narrow preoccupation with the economic market to identify new ways in which to construct a broader, more meaningful political and socio-economic community.

Bringing together experts from different fields, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the many challenges to the on-going European integration project.


Introduction - Stefano Fella
Unity in Diversity - the Challenge for the EU
Historical Teleologies - Alan S Milward
The EU and Eastern Europe - Peter Gowan
Diversity without Unity?
Future Paths to European Security - Elzbieta Stadtmuller
The Future of Small States in the EU - Esko Antola
Emerging Integration in Policing and Criminal Justice - Madeleine Colvin
Towards Network Democracy? The Potential of Flexible Integration - Alex Warleigh
The Euro - Kevin Boles, Frank McDonald and Nigel Healey
A Future International Currency?
Social Integration in the European Union - Monica Threlfall
Towards a Single Social Area?
Cultural Policy in the EU and European Identity - Enrique Banus
Towards a European Language Policy - Christina Julios
Conclusion - Mary Farrell
Possible European Futures


Mike studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Exeter College, Oxford, 1964-67, before completing his D.Phil, also at Oxford. He taught in WEA and adult education while doing his Doctorate and, on its completion, moved to the then Polytechic of North London. Beginning as a Lecturer in Politics in 1972, he was successively Senior Lecturer, Principal Lecturer and then, from 1992, Professor. In 1978-79 he also spent a year at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques at the University of Bordeaux. His main responsibilities were in the development of European Studies as a degree and research area and he was awarded a Jean Monnet Professorship in 1996 (subsequently as a Personal Chair). In 1993 he became Director of the London European Research Centre (LERC), which held a series of international conferences and seminars and promoted critical, independent research on European integration. Subsequently, LERC joined ISET, when it was formed in 2002, and he became an associate member. He was also involved in the promotion of European Studies nationally and internationally, particularly in the Standing Conference of Heads of European Studies and as Chair of the European Studies subject area in the Tuning Project (a pan-European initiative to implement the Bologna Process by understanding curricula and making them comparable). In 2002 he also helped to promote a new undergraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, for which he was course leader from 2005 until 2009.
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