Non-Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze

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August 2002



Gregg Lambert analyses Deleuze's investigations into the modern arts. Particular attention is paid to Deleuze's exploration of Liebniz in relation to modern painting and of Borges to an understanding of the relationship between philosophy, literature and language.


Gregg Lambert is Dean's Professor of the Humanities at Syracuse University, New York, USA.


."..It is the most detailed and extensive investigation of the non-philosophy of Deleuze to have been published in English to date...Lambert largely forgoes a didactic approach, opting instead for a more embodied account of the relation between philosophy and 'non-philosophy' that draws on a variety of different media architecture, painting, literature, film and theater to illustrate the indebtedness of Deleuze's philosophical oeuvre to such non-philosophical modes of creative and artistic practice...Lambert sets out some of the implications of the aforementioned crises: the problem of judgment in an age that has witnessed the overturning of rationalist principles regarding the ordering of the world...one of the remarkable achievements of The Non-Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze is the way in which, contra many other commentaries on Deleuze, it remains faithful to the pragmatism of Deleuze's work in a way that actually develops and deepens this dimension of the latter's thinking, never losing sight of the initial point of departure: the crisis of the Baroque and what it can teach us about the crisis of our contemporary age...Nevertheless, Non-Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze contributes substantially to the current debates around the political and ethical status of his work (brought so profoundly into relief by Badiou) and, hopefully, it will inspire others to start taking his work along new lines and trajectories without losing sight of the impasses and shortcomings that continue to affect the reception of Deleuze's work in the English speaking world." Marcel Swiboda, Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, Vol. 12 --Sanford Lakoff
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