Electoral Reform at Work: Local Politics and National Parties, 1832-1841

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Oktober 2002



Shows that the Reform Act of 1832 has politicised the electorate at all levels, laying the constitutional foundations for the representative democracy of the Victorians.


Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; List of illustrations; List of figures; List of tables; Introduction; Part I: The Reformed Electoral System; 1 Voter registration and the reformed electorate; 2 Conservative and Liberal electoral organisation; 3 The election after 1832: tradition and transformation; Part II: The Counties; 4 Electoral behaviour in the counties: influence and independence; 5 County politics and registration: case studies; Part III: The Boroughs; 6 No representation without taxation: rates and votes; 7 The electoral politics of municipal reform; Conclusion; Appendices; 1. The re-distribution of English and Welsh seats in 1832; 2. Voting qualifications after 1832; 3. Registration and polling returns by borough and county, 1832-39; 4. The assimilation of English boroughs to the New Poor Law; Bibliography; Index


Dr PHILIP SALMON is a Research Fellow at the History of Parliament, University of London.


Outstanding. HISTORY Most welcome study... The great merit of the book lies in its detailed reconstruction of the operation of the Reform Act... A major work which will be indispensable to historians for many years to come. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW A truly outstanding contribution to the field of parliamentary and electoral history. REVIEWS IN HISTORY A thoughtful and well-crafted book that makes abundantly clear that the "fine print" of the Reform Act... had an immediate and significant impact on British electoral politics... A very fine book. H-NET ALBION No brief review can do justice to this splendid and invaluable book. ALBION One of the most important books on nineteenth-century England in recent years. PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY Will have a considerable impact on future studies of British politics in the 1832-1867 period. PARLIAMENTS, ESTATES AND REPRESENTATION
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