Art of Frenzy: Public Madness in the Visual Culture of Europe, 1500-1850

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The Art of Frenzy presents a masterful analysis of public madness from the Renaissance to the Industrial Age. Frenzy--the most flagrant and political form of madness--is the madness of warrior-heroes, kings, scolds, and the possessed. Its representation incorporates a range of traditional characters and figures, from Hercules and Orlando to Medea and Britannia. Understood as abusive power and belligerence out of control, and described in terms drawn equally from definitions of tyranny and liberty, frenzy has always been articulated with a significant degree of political meaning. Integrating art history with cultural studies, political history, and the history of medicine, Jane Kromm draws on a wide range of mediums and contexts--from asylum sculpture to political broadsheets, medical texts, the imagery of revolution, caricature and medical illustrations--to clarify the importance of this interpretative pattern.


Mania in the classical tradition - a madness of warrior-heroes and tyrants; the unmaking of heroic mania; the politics of mania; mania, riot and revolution; the measure of mania; mania and hysteria.


Jane Kromm is Associate Professor of Art History at Purchase College, State University of New York. She is the author of numerous articles on the representation of madness.


..a very welcome and thoughtful introduction to an area of medical knowledge that was livelier and more topical than is now generally appreciated. Medical History
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