Good Practices and Innovative Experiences in the South: Volume 1: Economic, Environmental and Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives

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September 2002



This book constitutes a unique, inspiring, and practically useful compilation of the rich variety of innovative good practice being pioneered at governmental, NGO, and community levels in so many Third World countries. It provides a wealth of information on a large number of particular policies, projects and organizations in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.


1. Introduction: Studying Men's Practices and Gender Relations in a Global Context - Bob Pease and Keith Pringle Part 1: Transnational Contexts 2. Global Masculinities: Restoration and Resistance - Michael Kimmel 3. The White Ribbon Campaign: Involving Men and Boys in Ending Global Violence against Women - Michael Kaufman 4. Adopting a Global Perspective on Fatherhood - Graeme Russell 5. Global Men's Health and the Crisis of Western Masculinity - Ben Wadham Part 2: National Contexts 6. Nation, State and Welfare: The Cases of Finland and the UK - Jeff Hearn 7. Men as Social Workers in the UK: Professional Locations and Gendering Global Discourses of Welfare - Alastair Christie 8. Men and Masculinities in Late-Modern Ireland - Harry Ferguson 9. Men's Practices in Prostitution: The Case of Sweden - Sven-Axel Mansson 10. Toward the End of 'Black Macho' in the United States: Preface to a (Pro) Womanist Vision of Black Manhood - Gary Lemon 11. Masculinities in Brazil: The Case of Brazilian Television Advertisements - Benedito Medrado, Jorge Lyra and Marko Monteiro 12. Unlearning Machismo: Men Changing Men in Post-Revolutionary Nicaragua - Patrick Welsh 13. Moving Beyond Mateship: Reconstructing Australian Men's Practices - Bob Pease 14. Gendering Services for Men in Hong Kong: Backlash or Pursuit of Gender Equity? - Chan Kam Wah 15. Saris, Men and Non-violence: Reflections on Indian Masculinity - Siddartha 16 Cultural Practices of Masculinity in Post-Apartheid South Africa - Ira Horowitz Afterword 17. Globalizing Men: Rethinking Commonality and Diversity in Men's Practices - Keith Pringle and Bob Pease


Martin Khor is Director of Third World Network, a board member of the Consumers' Association of Penang, the South Centre in Geneva, and the International Forum on Globalization.
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