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November 2002



Examines the institutions and productions of area studies and explores what it takes to "learn a place."


Introduction 1. Masao Miyoshi, "Ivory Tower in Escrow" 2. Tetsuo Najita, "Ando Shoeki--'The Forgotten Thinker' Japanese History" 3. Stefan Tanaka, "Objectivism and Eradication of Critique in Japanese History" 4. Rey Chow, "Theory, Area Studies, Cultural: Issues of Pedagogy in Multiculturalism" 5. Benita Parry, "Signs of Our Times: A Discussion of Homi Bhabha's 'The Location of Culture" 6. Harry Harootunian, "Postcoloniality's Unconscious/Area Studies' Desire Sylvia Yanagisako, "Asian Exclusion Acts" 7. Richard H. Okada, "Areas, Disciplines, and Ethnicity" 8. Paul A. Bove, "Can American Studies be Area Studies" 9. Rob Wilson, "Imagining 'Asia-Pacific' Today: Forgetting Colonialism in the Magical Free Markets of the American Pacific" 10. Bruce Cumings, "Boundary Displacement: The State, the Foundations and Area Studies During and After the Cold War 11. Bernard S. Silberman, "The Disappearance of Modern Japan: Japan and Social Science" 12. Moss Roberts, "Bad Karma in Asia" 13. James A. Fujii, "From Politics to Culture: Modern Japanese Literary Studies in the Age of Cultural Studies" Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, "Questions of Japanese Cinema: Disciplinary Boundaries and Invention of Scholarly Object"


At the time of his death in 2009, Masao Miyoshi was Professor of Literature at the University of California, San Diego.Harry Harootunian is Professor of East Asian Studies at New York University.


"Area studies is in crisis, seemingly rendered marginal and anachronistic in a globalising world. Yet, paradoxically, knowledge of histories, geographies, cultures, ecologies and geopolitical tensions has become crucial if the public is to understand the dangers as well as the promises of globalisation. Miyoshi and Harootunian here assemble a talented group of scholars to probe deeply into this contradiction. They convincingly argue that area studies needs to be completely re-vamped if not dissolved into new knowledge structures within the academy if it is to fulfil its mission. This challenges all of us to re-think disciplinary allegiances and past ways of knowing in critical as well as constructive ways."-David Harvey, author of Spaces of Hope and Spaces of Capital
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