Rythmes Pittoresques

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Januar 2003



The poems in Rythmes pittoresques, first published in 1890, present not only a poet searching for a voice, but also a female poet searching for a voice while breaking down rules of both versification and gender-determined source of expression. They went straight to the heart of the male-dominated poetry of the time and effectively threatened its existence. Of the group of poets who were the first to write free-verse poetry in French - Marie Krysinska, Arthur Rimbaud, Jules Laforgue, Gustave Kahn - only Marie Krysinska (1857-1908) has not received critical recognition. Although it was quickly dismissed by critics simply because it was written by a female poet, Krysinska's poetry gives insight into the creation of a new form of feminine expression as well as the persecution of the female artist viewed by her largely male peers, readership and competitors.


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Seth Whidden is Associate Professor of French at Villanova University. His research focuses on nineteenth-century French poetry and contemporary French civilisation. He has published articles and translations on Rimbaud, Verlaine, Krysinska and French hip-hop culture.
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