Advanced Hypersonic Test Facilities

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September 2002



The recent interest in hypersonics has energized researchers, engineers, and scientists working in the field, and has brought into focus once again the need for adequate ground test capabilities to aid in the understanding of the complex physical phenomenon that accompany high-speed flight. Over the past decade, there have been noteworthy improvements in the worldwide hypersonic ground testing infrastructure that will be important in furthering hypersonic technologies. The current inventory of hypersonic testing facilities has been very successful, with few major failures or problems. Many of the enhancements highlighted have been driven by requirements for quiet tunnels for hypersonic boundary layer transition; long run times, high dynamic pressure, nearly clean air, true enthalpy, and larger-sized facilities for hypersonic and hypervelocity air breathers; and longer run times, high dynamic pressure/enthalpy facilities for sensor and maneuverability issues associated with interceptors. This book presents a number of new, innovative approaches to satisfying the enthalpy requirements for air-breathing hypersonic vehicles and planetary entry problems. It is divided into five parts: Introduction; Hypersonic Shock Tunnels; Long Duration Hypersonic Facilities; Ballistic Ranges, Sleds, and Tracks; and Advanced Technologies for Next Generation Facilities.


Hypersonic Ground Test Requirements; Principles of Hypersonic Test Facility Development; NASA's HYPULSE Facility at GASL; The LENS I and II Hypervelocity Tunnels and Application to Hypersonic Vehicle Testing Under Fully Duplicated Flight Conditions; The U-12 Large Shock Tube; Detonation-Driven Shock Tubes and Tunnels; Aerothermodynamics Research in the DLR High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel HEG; Characteristics of the HIEST and its Applicability for Hypersonic Aerothermodynamic and Scramjet Research; Piston Gasdynamic Units with Multicascade Compression; Arc-Heated Facilities; The SCIROCCO 70-MW Plasma Wind Tunnel; Aerodynamic and Propulsion Test Unit; Arc-Heated Facilities (LBK) as a Tool to Study Aerothermodynamic Problems of Reentry Vehicles; The NASA Langley Research Center 8-ft High Temperature Tunnel; NASA Glenn Research Center's Hypersonic Tunnel Facility; The ONERA F4 High-Enthalpy Wind Tunnel; The AEDC Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel 9; A Hypersonic Ground-Test Facility Using Magnetic Levitation and Electromagnetic Propulsion; Recent Increases in Hypersonic Test Capabilities at the Holloman High Speed Test Track and Design of a Magnetically Levitated Test Track Capability; Increased Launching Capabilities at AEDC's Range/Track G; A New Mach 8-15 True Temperature Test Facility Concept to Meet the U.S. Shortfall in Hypersonic Test Capability; New-Generation Hypersonic Adiabatic Compression Facilities with Pressure Multipliers
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