Working Difference: Women's Working Lives in Hungary and Austria, 1945-1995

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Januar 2003



This manuscript compares the status of women in capitalist Austria and (post-) socialist Hungary in the period from the end of WWII to the present, focusing on women's inclusion in, and exclusion from, the labor force and political organizations.


eva Fodor is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Dartmouth College.


"Working Difference contains much fascinating new material and exciting analysis. It will make an important contribution to gender theory and to the study of postsocialist stratification. This book is one of only a small handful that directly compare Eastern and Western European political economies and one of the only ones that compares gender regimes. It will have a wide influence on discussions of gender regimes, welfare states, and the historical role of state socialism." Susan Gal, co-author of The Politics of Gender after Socialism "Eva Fodor's compelling analysis of gendered mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion in the workplaces of state-socialist Hungary and capitalist Austria provides a welcome set of comparative insights to the burgeoning literature on gender, states and societies and speaks to core questions in feminism and studies of inequality." Ann Shola Orloff, co-author, States, Markets, Families: Gender, Liberalism and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States
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