Radio and Wireless Handbook

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November 2002



-- First new edition in 15 years, featuring many updates and revisions-- A do-it-yourself book in construction, theory, and practice with regard to equipment and antennas-- Presents a complete documentation on modern technical topics, including HF, VHF, and UHF spectrums and equipment design and building techniquesWritten for the engineer, technician, or advanced radio amateur, this popular guide to radio communications presents complete documentation on many technical topics. It studies HF, VHF, and UHF spectrums, covers theory and equipment design in detail, and explains construction techniques. The new edition broadens the audience by giving professional engineers a better understanding of all aspects of radio electronics. Older material is covered in a historical context and updated materials, such as the new wireless revolution and the impact of the Internet, are heavily detailed in this new edition.


Introduction to Amateur Radio Communication;Direct-Current Circuits; Alternating-Current, Impedance, and Resonant Circuits, Amplifying Devices (The Microprocessor); Single-Sideband Transmission and Reception; Communication Receiver Fundamentals; Digital Signal Processing; Frequency Synthesis; Frequency Modulation and Repeaters; Specialized Amateur Communictions Systems and Techniques; Mobile, Portable, and Marine Equipment; Radio and Television Interference (RFI and TVI); Equipment Design, Components, and Controls; Amplifiers; Generation and Amplification of Radio-Frequency Energy; Vacuum-Tube Radio-Frequency Power Amplifiers; HF and VHF Power Amplifier Design; HF Power-Amplifier Construction; VHF Power Amplifier Construction; Power Supplies; Filters, Radiation and Propagation; Transmission Lines and Matching Systems; HF General Purpose Antennas; High-Frequency Fixed Directive Antennas; HF Rotary Beam Antennas; VHF and UHF Antennas; Electronics Test Equipment; Electronics Mathematics and Calculations; Nomenclature of Components and Miscellaneous Data;;;;;;;;;
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