Youth and the State in Hungary: Capitalism, Communism and Class

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September 2002



Examines the transformations and dilemmas of youth, class, gender and ethnicity in Hungary over the past 70 years.


Preface 1. Introduction: Theoretical Perspectives 2. Historical Ethnography, Ethnographic History: Peasants into Workers 3. Development of Red Csepel: Youth During Monarchy and Fascism 4. Vanguard Youth: From Stalinism to State Socialism 5. Existing State Socialism: Socialisation and Youth 6. The Communist Youth League: Ideology, Culture and Alienation 7. Youth Against the State: Friends, Partners and Family 8. Hungary's Manhattan: The Velvet 'Refolution' and the Re-making of Capitalist Youth Glossary References Index


Professor Kurti teaches in the Department of Political Sciences, University of Miskolc, Hungary and at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. He has also taught at the American University in Washington, DC. His most recent publication is Nations and Relations, forthcoming from SUNY Press.
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