American Jewish Women's History: A Reader

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April 2003



This anthology, covering colonial times to the 21st century, shows women shaping Judaism and their American Jewish communities as they engaged in volunteer activities and political crusades, battled stereotypes, and made built relationships with their Christian neighbours.


"A vibrant collection of classic and recent essays in American Jewish womens history that form the perfect starting point toexplore this burgeoning field. From the feminist politics of kosher meat boycotts and garment union organizing to the Jewish dimensions of modern dance and teenage diaries, this readable volume reveals the breadth and excitement of American Jewish women's history. - Deborah Dash Moore, co-editor of Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia "An impressive compendium of essays, American Jewish Women's History paints a broad and diverse portrait of American Jewish women. Written by some of the most incisive historians of the American Jewish community, the chapters examine Jewish women in many different venues: the home and the marketplace, religious and secular institutions, and picket lines and cultural institutions. - Deborah E. Lipstadt, Emory University "Nadell makes explicit the diverse roles and experiences of Jewish women in the United States. - History Reviews of New Books "This anthology conveys the breadth of the historical experiences of American Jewish women. - Jewish Advocate "It's a thought-provoking book that should be read by women and men alike. - Booklist
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