Cuba: Island of Dreams

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As spiritual home of Che Guevara and archenemy of the United States for more than forty years, Cuba exerts a powerful hold over people's imaginations. This book is the first in-depth study of Cuba to examine its history and transformation through the evolution of ideology and myth.Challenging preconceptions and conventional wisdom about Cuba and its leadership, this book presents a remarkable portrait of the distinctive history of the island's culture. The interplay of history, revolutionary action, and ideology through myth and collective experience make it essential reading for Cuban scholars. Latin American and US historians, political analysts, and those generally interested in the history and future of Cuban political culture.


Antoni Kapcia, University of Nottingham


'This book presents a fascinating new perspective on this unique Caribbean island. Through analysing both primary and secondary sources alongside his own painstaking research, Kapcia has managed to present an original, challenging viewpoint whilst still presenting the facts.'The British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain'[An] original and stimulating book ... Kapcia has produced a valuable and believable explanation for the extraordinary longevity of the Cuban Revolution.'Latin American Studies
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