Canon and Exegesis

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Previous attempts to critique the canonical approach of Brevard Childs have remained largely theoretical in nature. One of the weakness of canonical criticism, then, is its failure to have generated new readings of extended biblical passages. Reviewing the hermeneutics and the praxis of Childs' approach, Lyons then turns to the Sodom narrative (Gen 18-19) as a test of a practical exegesis according to Childs' principles, and then to reflect critically upon the reading experience generated. Surprisingly, the canonical reading produced is a wholly new one, centred around the complex, irreducible-even contradictory-request of Abraham for Yahweh to do justice (18:23-25).


William John Lyons teaches New Testament in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Bristol.


'Overall, this book makes a good buy for students and pastors who wish to get a better understanding of how to read the biblical texts from a religious viewpoint.' Pakka Pitkanen, Themelios, 29/1--Sanford Lakoff "Themelios "
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