Practical Laboratory Skills Training Guides: Measurement of Volume

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This guide explains the best methods for undertaking the measurement
of volume, one of the most frequent operations in the laboratory. It
is required when obtaining a known quantity of a sample for analysis;
for preparation of analytical reagents; and for preparation of
calibration standards and quantitative analysis by titrimetry.
After an initial section covering the units of volume and other
terminology, the various types of volume measuring apparatus are then
described. Later sections cover the importance of temperature,
calibration, accuracy and use of the different types of apparatus, and
the uncertainty of volume measurements. A series of practical
exercises are also provided.
"Measurement of Volume" is one of the "Practical Laboratory
Skills Training Guides", a series that aims to make achieving best
practice easy. These invaluable manuals will enable both experienced
and inexperienced staff to get the essential basics of any experiment
right simply by following the clear and easy to use instructions
provided. The guides are written by experienced scientists and
include minimal theory, plenty of practical exercises in order to
assess competence, and trouble shooting information. TOC:Introduction / Units of Volume Measurement / Terminology Used in
Volume Measurement / Types of Volume Measuring Apparatus / Importance
of Temperature in Volume Measurements / Calibration of Volume
Measuring Apparatus / Checking the Accuracy of Volume Measuring
Apparatus / Use of Volumetric Apparatus / Checking the Accuracy of
Volume Measuring Apparatus / Use of Volumetric Apparatus -- General
Aspects / Use of Volumetric Apparatus -- Bulb Pipettes, Graduated
Pipettes, Automatic Pipettors, Burettes and Volumetric Flasks /
Uncertainty of Volume Measurements / Practical Exercises.


Introduction; Units of volume measurement; Terminology used in volume measurement; Types of volume measuring apparatus; Importance of temperature in volume measurements; Calibration of volume measuring apparatus; Checking the accuracy of volume measuring apparatus; Use of volumetric apparatus - general aspects; Use of volumetric apparatus - bulb pipettes, graduated pipettes, automatic pipettors, burettes and volumetric flasks; Uncertainty of volume measurements; Practical exercises.


Ideal for introducing students to analytical chemistry and lab skills -- Physical Sciences Educational Reviews, June 2004 (Elizabeth Barron) Reviews (Formally Physical Sciences Educational Reviews) NO LONGER RUNNING
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