But It Is Not So Among You: Echoes of Power in Mark 10.32-45

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Oktober 2003



Power is an issue that is attracting increased interest among philosophers, theologians and social scientists. The gospel of Mark, especially in 10:32-45, contains teachings attributed to Jesus about the use and abuse of power. This book applies a combination of different methods and approaches: mainly orality, criticism, literary criticism and a sensitivity for the social and cultural environment of the text, showing the centrality of Jesus's message on the issue of power both for the plot and for the theology of Mark. This message is a call to practice leadership in a way that is subversive toward the networks of power of the empire.


Alberto de Mingo Kaminouchi is Professor at the Institute Superior de Ciencias Morales, Madrid


"Alberto Mingo Kaminouchi offers a literary investigation of the final passion predicted and its narrative aftermath (10:32-45) but considers as well the social and cultural contexts in which the Gospel was produced...offer[s] valuable insight into Mark's Gospel...the interpretive results of Kaminouchi's integration of sociocultural and literary analyses are incisive...Kimanouchi has written a very fine study, one that contributes significantly to the understanding of Mark 10:32-45 and the Gospel's interest in the dynamic of power."- William Sanger Campbell, "The Society of Biblical Literature, "January 2006
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