An English Chronicle 1377-1461: A New Edition: Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales MS 21608, and Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Lyell 34

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Januar 2004



In 1856 J.S. Davies edited for the Camden Society the continuation of the Middle English prose Brut, from a manuscript in the Bodleian (Lyell 34), that became known as the Davies ChronicleI/>


Thorough and well-reasoned, resulting in a text that is both useful and easy to work with. This welcome new edition of the "Davies Chronicle" will be useful to a range of medievalists. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEWMeticulously edited, (it) is a valuable addition to the literary sources of late medieval England, and is likely to serve the needs of historians and those with an interest in vernacular texts for a very long time. NORTHERN HISTORY (A) carefully prepared edition, a welcome and useful addition to the chronicle evidence for the history of late medieval England. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW A complete and useable edition of this late medieval text. (...) Lays the ground work for future scholars interested in the political use of the Brut in the fifteenth century. JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND GERMANIC PHILOLOGY
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