Machaut's Music: New Interpretations

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Dezember 2003



Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) is regarded as the greatest French poet-composer of the middle ages, as he was during his lifetime. This title considers various genres of song - lais, virelais, balades, and rondeaux - together with Machaut's motets.


Virginia Newes Symmetry and Dissymmetry in the Music of the Lay de Bonne Esperance (L18/13); Jacques Boogaart Speculum Mortis: Form and Signification in Machaut's Motet He Mors / Fine Amour / Quare non sum mortuus (M3); Alice V. Clark Observations on Machaut's He Mors, com tu es haie / Fine Amour, qui me vint navrer / Quare non sum mortuus (M3); Thomas Brown Flos / Celsa and Machaut's Motets: Emulation - and Error? Kevin N. Moll Texture and Counterpoint in the Four-Voice Mass Settings of Machaut and his Contemporaries; Margaret Bent The 'Harmony' of the Machaut Mass; Owen Rees Machaut's Mass and Sounding Number; Elizabeth Eva Leach Singing More About Singing Less: Machaut's Pour ce que tous (B12); Anne Stone Music Writing and Poetic Voice in Machaut: Some Remarks on B12 and R14; Jehoash Hirshberg A Portrayal of the Lady who Guards her Honour (B25); Peter M. Lefferts Machaut's B-flat Balade Honte, paour (B25); Jane E. Flynn The Intabulation of De toutes flours (B31) in the Codex Faenza as Analytical Model; Christian Berger Machaut's Balade Plourez dames (B32) in the Light of Real Modality; Jennifer Bain Balades 32 and 33 and the 'res dalamagne'; William Mahrt Male and Female Voice in Two Virelais of Guillaume de Machaut; Yolanda Plumley The Marriage of Words and Music: Musique Naturele and Musique Artificiele in Machaut's Sans cuer, dolens (R4); Daniel Leech-Wilkinson Rose, lis Revisited; Karl Kugle Some Observations Regarding Musico-Textual Interrelationships in Late Rondeaux by Machaut


A closely argued, stimulating examination of Machaut and his music. RENAISSANCE QUARTERLYA useful collection that gathers current discourses and debates into one convenient volume. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MUSICOLOGICAL SOCIETYEach essay provides a valuable contribution to Machaut scholarship. A carefully planned collection of essays that serves as a welcome contribution to the current musicological literature. MUSIC RESEARCH FORUMImmensely thought-provoking and should be present on the shelves of any institution teaching and researching the music of the late middle ages. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEWHas much to offer all Machaut scholars. SPECULUM
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