Situated Cognition: Social, Semiotic, and Psychological Perspectives

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Juni 1997



Presents a selective overview of situated cognition theory. Chapters contribute to discourse about repositioning situated cognition theory within the broader supporting disciplines and to resolving the problematics addressed within the book.


Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. D. Kirshner, J.A. Whitson, Editors' Introduction. J. Lave, The Culture of Acquisition and the Practice of Understanding. J. Lemke, Cognition, Context, and Learning: A Social Semiotic Perspective. V. Walkerdine, Redefining the Subject in Situated Cognition Theory. P. Agre, Living Math: Lave and Walkerdine on the Meaning of Everday Arithmetic. D. Kirshner, The Development of Logic in Infancy: A Case Study. J.A. Whitson, Cognition as a Semiotic Process: From Situated Mediation to Critical Reflective Transcendence. P. Cobb, K. Gravemeijer, E. Yackel, K. McClain, J. Whitenack, Mathematizing and Symbolizing: The Emergence of Chains of Signification in One First-Grade Classroom. J.P. Gee, Thinking, Learning, and Reading: The Situated Sociocultural Mind. J. St. Julien, Explaining Learning: The Research Trajectory of Situated Cognition and the Implications of Connectionism. C. Bereiter, Situated Cognition and How to Overcome It. Y. Engestrom, M. Cole, Afterword: Situated Cognition in Search of an Agenda.
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