Human Rights Act: A Success Story?

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Juni 2005



This book seeks to examine the impact of the Human Rights Act legislation from the viewpoint of judges, lawyers, civil libertarians, politicians and academics.
Investigation of the Human Rights Act since it came into force in 2000.
Contributors include Sir Stephen Sedley, Thomas Mullen, Roger Smith and Lord Lester of Herne Hill.
Offers insights and suggestions for developing a more effective, accessible and successful employment of the Human Rights Act.


The Human Rights Act: A Success Story? Introduction (Luke Clements and Philip A. Thomas).The Rocks or the Open Sea? Where is the Human Rights Act Heading? (Sir Stephen Sedley).11 September 2001, Counter-terrorism, and the Human Rights Act (Conor Gearty).Winners and Losers (Luke Clements).The Human Rights Act: A View from Below (Ruth Costigan and Philip A. Thomas).Lost on the Way Home? The Right to Life in Northern Ireland (Christine Bell and Johanna Keenan).Convention Compliance, Public Safety, and the Social Inclusion of Mentally Disordered People (Phil Fennell).Resources, Rights, and Environmental Regulation (Robert G. Lee).Rights and Rhetoric: The Politics of Asylum and Human Rights Culture in the United Kingdom (Shami Chakrabarti).Human Rights in the Scottish Courts (Tom Mullen, Jim Murdoch, Alan Miller, and Sarah Craig).An Equality and Human Rights Commission Worthy of the Name (Anthony Lester and Lydia Clapinska).Constitution Reform, the Lord Chancellor, and Human Rights: The Battle of Form and Substance (Roger Smith)


Luke Clements is a Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff Law School. Phil Thomas is Professor of Law and Director of Overseas Recruitment at Cardiff Law School.

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