God as Otherwise Than Being: Toward a Semantics of the Gift

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Juni 2002



Speaking as one of the founders of American Continental philosophy, Calvin O. Schrag offers an exceptionally clear, balanced, and informative discussion of a complex question vexing postmodern currents of philosophical and theological reflection: whether and how the "death" of the god conceived as a "highest being" in Western, and especially modern, traditions might open a new spece within which to rethink God in terms of a "gift" or a "giving" that would stand beyond the usual spate of metaphysical categories. Seeking a notion of God compatible with the postmodern perspective. Schrag's remarkably lucid and accessible work stands as a helpful guide, providing rare insight into an often impenetrable philosophical and theological enigma.


Part 1 God and Being: the Problem of Being and the Question about God - Metaphysics and Theism, the Epistemological and Linguistic Turns, Language, Being and God; Beyond Theism and Atheism - the Concept of God after Post-modernity, Reactive Atheism, Alterity and Transcendence. Part 2 God and the Gift: from Ontology to Ethics - the Delimitation of Presence, the Ethical and the Sacramental, Presence and Praxis; from Ethics to the Gift - the Gift and Transcendence, the Gift as Logos and Kairos, the Gift and the Fitting Response.


Calvin Schrag is George Ade Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Purdue University. He published his first book, Existence and Freedom, with Northwestern University Press in 1961 and is the subject of NUP's recently published Calvin O. Schrag and the Task of Philosophy after Postmodernity.
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