Internationalizing Cultural Studies: An Anthology

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"Internationalizing Cultural Studies "is an unprecedented resource that introduces and consolidates cultural studies literature from diverse locales and intellectual traditions.
Contains forty-four contemporary essays that introduce and pluralize cultural studies work from diverse locales and intellectual traditions
Covers regions the world over, including Asia, Europe, and Africa
Organizes material around key themes such as race and ethnicity, transnationalism, gender and sexual cultures, media production and consumption, urban life, popular practices, techno-cultures, and visual cultures
Includes expert introductions from an international panel of editors, and facilitates customization of content for course use


Alternative Table of Contents - Speaking Positions.Alternative Table of Contents - Localities.Preface: How to Use this Book.Acknowledgments..1. INTRODUCTION.Ackbar Abbas and John Nguyet Erni..PART I: TECHNO-CULTURES.Introduction.J. Macgregor Wise.2. Science as a Reason of State.Ashis Nandy.3. Biotechnological Development and the Conservation of Biodiversity.Vandana Shiva.4. Recycling Modernity: Pirate Electronic Cultures in India.Ravi Sundaram.5. Karaoke in East Asia: Modernization, Japanization, or Asianization?.Akiko Otake & Shuhei Hosokawa.6. Techno-Being.Viktor Mazin.PART II: Performance and Culture.Introduction.Della Pollock..7. Health Theatre in a Hmong Refugee Camp: Performance, Communication and Culture.Dwight Conquergood.8. The Answerability of Memory: 'Saving' Khmer Classical Dance.Judith Hamera.9. The Fool.Smadar Lavie.10. East Asian Bouquet: Ethnicity and Gender in the Wartime Japanese Revue Theatre.Jennifer Robertson.11. The Theatre of Operations: Performing Nation-ness in the Public Sphere.Diana Taylor..PART III: GENDER AND SEXUALITY.Introduction.Cindy Patton.12. Frontier City Berlin: The Post War Politics.Erica Carter.13. Gender-Bending in Paradise: Doing 'Female' and 'Male' in Japan.Jennifer Robertson.14. The Marriage of Feminism and Islamism in Egypt: Selective Repudiation as a Dynamic of Postcolonial Cultural Politics.Lila Abu-Lughod.15. Freeing South Africa: The 'modernization' of male-male sexuality in Soweto.Donald L. Donham.16. Very Close to yinfu and enu, Or How Prefaces Matter for JPM (1695) and Enu Shu (Taipei, 1995).Ding Naifei..PART IV: MEDIA PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION.Introduction.Toby Miller.17. Hizballah's Virtual Civil Society.Janine Abboushi Dallal.18. Towards a Semiotic Inquiry into the Television Message.Umberto Eco..19. Looking for My Penis: The Eroticized Asian in Gay Video Porn.Richard Fung.20. From the Public to the Private: The 'Americanization' of Spectators.Nestor Garcia-Canclini.21. Embedded Aesthetics: Creating a Discursive Space for Indigenous Media.Faye Ginsburg..PART V: POPULAR PRACTICES.Introduction.John Nguyet Erni.22. The World of the Yoruba Taxi Driver: An Interpretative Approach to Vehicle Slogans.Olatunde Bayo Lawuyi.23. Doing Verbal Play: Creative Work of Cantonese Working Class Schoolboys in Hong Kong.Angel Lin.24. Love Letters and Amanuenses: Beginning the Cultural History of the Working Class Private Sphere in Southern Africa, 1900-1933.Keith Breckenridge.25. Live Life More Selfishly: An On-line Gay Advice Column in Japan.Mark McLelland.26. African Cuisines: Recipes for Nation-Building?.Igor Cusack..PART VI: RACE, ETHNICITY AND NATION.Introduction.Wimal Dissanayake.27. Racisms.Kwame Anthony Appiah.28. Race and Social Theory.Cornel West.29. The End of Anti-racism.Paul Gilroy.30. Whose Imagined Communities?.Partha Chatterjee.31. Patriotism and Its Futures.Arjun Appadurai.PART VII: VISUAL CULTURES.Introduction.Dominic Pettman.32. Visual Culture and the Place of Modernity.Sudeep Dasgupta.33. Popular Culture on a Global Scale: A Challenge for Cultural Studies?.Simon During.34. The Abject Artefacts of Memory: The 1997 Museum of Modern Art New York Exhibition of Photographs from Cambodia's Genocide.Rachel Hughes.35. Sex Machine: Global Hypermasculinity and Images of the Asian Woman in Modernity.L. H. M. Ling.36. De-Eurocentrizing Cultural Studies: Some Proposals.Robert Stam & Ella Shohat..PART VIII: GLOBAL DIASPORAS.Introduction.Ping-hui Liao.37. Exodus.Benedict Anderson.38. Diaspora.James Clifford.39. Out Here and Over There: Queerness and Diaspora in Asian American Studies.David Eng.40. Situating Accented Cinema.Hamid Nacify..PART IX: CITIES AND THE URBAN IMAGINARY.Introduction.Ackbar Abbas.41. Cultural Intersections: Re-visioning Architecture and the City in the Twentieth Century.Zeynep Celik.42. Grassrooting the Space of Flows.Manuel Castells.43. The Generic City.Rem Koolhaas.44. Scene X: The Development of the X-Urban City.Mario Gandelsonas.45. On the Political Economy of the Fake.Ziauddin Sardar


Ackbar Abbas is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong. John Nguyet Erni is Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Department of English and Communication, City University of Hong Kong.


"This book is an important step forward for cultural studies. It is a significant effort to re-present cultural studies as a truly international endeavor. With its coverage of cultural studies' enormous geographical diversity, and the range of its speaking positions, it will hopefully reshape the ways we think about and teach cultural studies." Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "A-List authors and impressive analysis. This major collection captures the international scope and ambition of cultural studies and alerts us to vital new directions in the field. A must-have book." -- John Hartley, Queensland University of Technology "Internationalizing Cultural Studies is a big, rich, innovative book: conceptually capacious, methodologically diverse, multiple in sites, sophisticated in linkages, well-organized for use, it just calls out for pedagogical application at those global/local pressure points where critical theory gets tested and transformed. This is a powerful work de-centering the global, agitating the local. Drawing on a far-flung trans-disciplinary team, Abbas and Erni have collated exemplary work, highlighted emergent tactics, sites, and paradigm shifts in a beautiful collection that will help frame debates, topics, methods and new trajectories of field-formation in the coming years and across various institutional and disciplinary frameworks." -- Rob Wilson, University of California at Santa Cruz
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