Digital Heritage

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April 2006



In the fields of documentation and conservation of cultural heritage assets, there is a constant need for higher quality records and better analytical tools for extracting information about the condition of artefacts. Digital photography and digital image processing provide these capabilities, and recent technological advances in both fields promise new levels of performance for the capture and understanding of colour images. This inter-disciplinary book covers the imaging of decorated surfaces in historical buildings and the digitisation of documents, paintings and objects in museums and galleries, and shows how user requirements can be met by application of powerful digital imaging techniques. Numerous case studies illustrate the methods.


Digitising documents for public access Digitising rare books & manuscripts Digitisation programmes in the V&A Digital access to a photographic collection Digitisation in the commercial art world User requirements for the metric survey Principles & evolution of digital cameras High resolution imaging in the near infrared Image resizing-the limits of image processing Image databases & access Colour management in heritage photography Image compression & JPEG2000 Assessing image quality Imaging historical architectural sites for conservation Imaging of stained glass windows Making online monuments more accessible through interface design Visualisation of panoramic images over the internet Three-dimensional virtual restoration of polychrome sculpture Digital imaging for easel paintings Research policy & directions
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Untertitel: Applying Digital Imaging to Cultural Heritage. Approx. 200 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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