The Prairie Winnows Out Its Own: The West River Country of South Dakota in the Years of Depression and Dust

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Februar 2005



"Nelson's story, which is told largely through the west river settlers' own words, reveals a bond between people and the land so strong that only the most overwhelming adversity could finally break it. It is a fascinating tale of hopes raised and dreams shattered within a single generation. One cannot help being moved. The book should be required reading for all who seek to understand human persistence in a zone that outsiders have been too willing to dismiss as submarginal." - John C. Hudson, Northwestern University; "Highly readable.... The term 'wide open spaces' takes on new meaning in Nelson's book....A marvelous job of presenting the lives of west river South Dakotans during times of extreme stress in a way that should touch all readers' emotions regardless of where they live." - Dorothy Schwieder, Iowa State University"


Paula Nelson is a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
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