A Companion to the Greek Lyric Poets:

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September 1997



This handbook is a guide to the reading of elegiac, iambic, personal and public poetry of early Greece. Intended as a teaching manual or as an aid for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, it presents the major scholarly debates affecting the reading of these poetic texts, such as the effect of genre, the question of the poetic persona, or the impact of modern literary theory.


Douglas E. Gerber, Ph.D. (1959) in Greek, University of Toronto, is the W.S. Fox Professor and Chair of Classical Studies at the University of Western Ontario. He has published five books and numerous articles on the Greek lyric poets.


'"Gerber and MacLachlan append useful bibliographical lists to their sections and divisions...this is an effective refresher course in its subject. Robbin's review of Pindar is especially commendable."' "Religious Studies Review". '"...even the layperson can profit by the interesting and highly informative introductions to each of the volume's 4 main sections."' "American Reference Books Annual". '" deserves a place on the reading lists of all students studying the subject."' Ian Rutherford, "The Classical Review", 2000.
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