Mari and the Bible:

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April 1998



The town of "Mari is situated on the Euphrates, near the eastern Syrian border. This study compares the 18th century BC Old Babylonian texts from Mari with the "Hebrew Scriptures and the early history of Israel. Given the West Semitic or Amorite character of both Mari and the "Bible, this comparison may rightly be called imperative."Mari and the Bible contains 22 chapters of essays, both old and new, conveniently assembled here and divided into three sections: 1) Mari and the West, dealing with Mari documents pertaining to Syria and Palestine, as well as the Mediterranean region. 2) Prophecy, dealing with Mari prophetical texts, particularly those recently published as compared to Biblical prophecy. 3) Customs and Society, also including topics such as female royal correspondence, the royal harem, the epithet 'Great King' and king-lists involving the cult of the dead.


Abraham Malamat, Ph.D. (1951), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor Emeritus of Jewish History, the Biblical Period at the Hebrew University. He has published extensively on the History of Ancient Israel and on external sources of the Bible, such as Mari. He is foreign member of several Academies and Honorary member of some Bible Societies (Great Britain, USA, South-Africa).


'"Malamat's fascinating research, parts of which were previously published in scientific journals, contains a wealth of fascinating information for all lovers of ancient history, the Bible and Israel."' Alexander Zvielli, "The Jerusalem Post", 1998. '" the book contains much that will interest Old Testament scholars, and takes its place in a long line of work which aims to elucidate the biblical text by reference to new, cuneiform material."' Stephanie Dalley, "Palestine Exploration Quarterly", 2000. '" it is the speculative character fo adduced Mari/Bible parallels that itself encourages us to seek information about Israelite origins by examining evidence from the Middle Euphrates at various periods. Malamat's investigations bring us to the threshold of this enterprise which very well may be the direction taken by future scholarship."' Baruch A. Levine, "The Israel Exploration Journal", 2000.
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